Skin Care Kerchief

Think !! Lotions, fairness creams, costly soaps, face washes and related products are not the only skin care products. But a Good Kerchief is also essential to take care of your skin completely.

Those who wish to take good care of their face and skin properly, should use a proper hand kerchief

We are the makers of India's first such skin care hand kerchiefs.

Current product situation

Product available in the Market Today

Most of the hand kerchiefs including the high cost premium products available in the market today are not 100% cotton. It is adulterated with multiple other substances for various reasons. they mix polyester for making the kerchiefs look shining and to earn more profit and they use various processes with harmful chemicals to make it soft and shining. These adulterations can cause various problems to your skin when used.

For example, when you sweat and use these polyester mixed kerchiefs, they won't absorb the sweat completely from your skin. And these left out sweat would attract foreign bodies like dust and smoke, which can cause allergies and other skin diseases. Further usage of the adulterated hand kerchiefs would aggravate the allergies and skin diseases more and more.

Our Product

Our skin care hand kerchiefs are manufactured with 100% genuine cotton.

Perfectly Weaved with selected high quality cotton yarns without any adulterations.

We never use harmful chemicals for colored hankies. Still the colors are long lasting.

Our hankies are 100% sweat absorbent. So, it totally prevents the rashes and related skin diseases.

You can consult a skin specialist, dermatologist or a beautician to validate our claims.